Can UKIP be OUT and PROUD?

London Pride organisers have reversed their decision to allow UKIP to participate in this years event. UKIP is an unsuitable organisation to participate with its very recent past of opposing LGB&T equality; and its marginalisation and demonisation of immigrants, which cannot be supported by anyone truly committed to equality. There is however the fact that there are UKIP supporters within the LGB&T community; and in order to work within areas of society where homophobia is at its worst, LGB&T organisations need a better way to engage and communicate with groups and people who are not traditional allies.


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Labour Don’t Need Blair’s Manifesto, But They Need His Dictionary

There is a curious contradiction that drives electoral success; namely, that successful political parties rarely embrace the language of ideology. Instead, they yearn to come across like ordinary people – your next door neighbour, or that bloke from down the pub. To succeed politically is to speak human. Nigel Farage knows it, with his pint-in-hand-politics, the entertaining Boris Johnson certainly knows it, the unstoppable Nicola Sturgeon knows it, and significantly for the Labour Party, Tony Blair knew it. (more…)

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bernie sanders

Who is Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders?

By Benjamin Studebaker

Bernie Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, has announced that he’s challenging Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. So it’s time to return to the Candidate Evaluations series, where we examine a candidate’s background, policy history, and explicit statements in an attempt to figure out whether the candidate would actually be any good at being president. Too often, no one bothers to ask these questions, focusing instead on electability or likability. Previously, I’ve covered Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, and Marco Rubio. None of them looked especially promising. Can Sanders do better? (more…)

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Pressure growing for Scotland to join other nations in ban on sex trade

Anni Donaldson, Strathclyde University

A form of violence against women or a legitimate career choice? That’s roughly where the two sides stand on the debate over what we should do about prostitution. Voices from the violence camp have just become louder in Scotland thanks to the launch of the End Prostitution Now campaign, which is backed by various civic organisations. (more…)

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Global Warming Record

We need to talk about climate change

In the run-up to the recent general election, I was amazed at how little climate change was discussed by politicians. Understandably, politicians were keen to talk about the issues that most concerned the British public – in particular, immigration, the NHS, education and welfare benefits. Even the Green party, which has in the past been the key political voice in the UK for advocating an awareness of the environment and warning of the impacts of climate change, failed to push the subject onto the political agenda. (more…)

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